(Image description: ‘Glen or Glenda’ by Bucky Ringsell is an illustration of Glen or Glenda’s head, shoulders and chest. They have large blue eyes, a blood stain around their mouth, and wear a gold necklace. Glen or Glenda is wrapped in the yellow, white and purple non-binary flag.)

This iconic artwork, ‘Glen or Glenda’ was featured in Out For Blood’s 2019 Zine. Glen or Glenda appears in ‘Seed of Chucky’, and we read them as a non-binary character whose inclusion in the movie allows for an exploration of gender identity. Although like a lot of media, queer representation in ‘Seed of Chucky’ is at times problematic, but we love it when our community takes inspiration from characters and imagines them in new ways.

This piece was created by Bucky Ringsell (they/them), who describes themselves as a colourful, queer amorphous blob and who has created an excellent collection of queer horror artwork – our personal favourites are their horror villain pin-up stickers. Check out their work at their etsy store here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ArtOfBuckyRingsell

OFB asked Bucky some questions about their work below.

What were your inspirations for this piece?

Inspo for this piece, was of course, Seed of Chucky! A movie with a slightly muddled message about Chucky’s gender nonconforming kid. Despite some questionable moments, I wanted to reclaim Glen or Glenda as a non-binary icon for the queer horror community!

What materials did you use to create this piece?

ipad and procreate

What’s your favourite horror movie?

AH! That’s so hard … can I pick a whole franchise? Because Chucky and Nightmare on Elm Street would be the winners!

You can find where to follow and support Bucky at: https://linktr.ee/your_pal_bucky


Thanks Bucky! We hope seeing Bucky’s excellent artwork helps you feel inspired to create some spooky submissions for our 2020 zine! We’re looking for submissions on the theme ‘queer horror’ emailed to us at outforbloodcambridge@outlook.com. Deadline for 2020 submissions is June 30th.

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