Tune into our first night with guest host Bucky – a queer non-binary goblin with a love for 80s slasher movies – for six hair-raising shorts created by women and non-binary filmmakers. We’re bringing you teen wolves, conjured spirits, and creatures from the depths… plus a few more murderously grisly tales to keep you on the edge of your seat.Final Queer also includes an online pre-show panel with filmmakers discussing women and non-binary folk in Horror. This will be available online publicly and viewers do not require a ticket to watch.

Please note: ENGLISH SUBTITLES will be available on all videos with the exception of two music video shorts.

Lone Wolf – Dir. January Jones (Australia)

Runtime: 7.00 minutes

CW: body shaming

Synopsis: Determined to fit in at a sleepover, 15-year-old Sam ignores cruel taunts from mean girl Blair and her growing feelings for new friend Willow, but she can’t ignore the strange things happening to her body.

Maria, Maria – Dir. Mauricio Alcaino Lopez (Chile)

Runtime: 6.51 minutes

CW: ableist language

Synopsis: Camila and Fernanda are home alone and decide to put to the test the old myth of “María, María”.

In A Better Place – Dir. E.D. Mead, Kimmie King (USA)

Runtime: 3.21 minutes

(Please note: this film does not have subtitles)

Synopsis: A demon tries to convince her boss to improve Hell’s traditional ways.

Shattered – Dir. Madison Kennedy (USA)

Runtime: 11.39 minutes

CW: sexual assault, stalking

Synopsis: When their darkest secret comes to light, three friends reunite to try and bury the past.

In The Deep – Dir. En Nelson-Correia (USA)

Runtime: 5.00 minutes

CW: flashing images

Synopsis: Two pirates travelling the ocean encounter a song from the deep. When her love is taken to the depths, one pirate captain falls into the sea to bring back the light of the moon.

Camp Calypso – Dir. Hannah May Cumming, Karlee Boon (USA)

Runtime: 19.30 minutes

CW: homophobic slur, ableist language, sexual harassment, sexual assault, implied rape

Synopsis: A ’70s summer camp with a history of misogyny is hunted by a vengeful, man-eating siren that lives in the lake.

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