Mr. Wesley Dykes, a queer Nigerian-British Drag King, is ready to take you on an ominously unsettling journey full of tricks and treats in celebration of queer horror. From monsters in the closet, the undead rising, and a sketchy small town, there’s plenty of tales here to keep you up at night. Don’t you want to know what momma’s special milk is?

Tall Betsy – Dir. Kyle Wallace (USA)

Runtime: 7.33 minutes

CW: mental health slur

Synopsis: On Daniel’s first night living with his BFF Riley, a discussion about childhood monsters leads to the haunting reason why Riley’s previous roommate moved out. Now Daniel’s convinced there’s something – or someone – in his closet…

Dethheads U.S.A. – Dir. Danny Denial (USA)

Runtime: 14.54 minutes

CW: flashing images, racism

Synopsis: Danny Denial, Eva Walker of The Black Tones, and Nozomi Momo of Dark Smith and T-ROX play a band making the last stop of their tour in a small town run by death-obsessed cult extremists.

Cottonmouth – Dir. Zach Wincik, Danny Salemme (USA)

Runtime: 4.30 minutes

Synopsis: A woman takes action once she is sure that someone, or something, is sneaking into her room at night.

Innocent Boy – Dir. Brock Cravy (USA)

Runtime: 10.33 minutes

CW: flashing images, drug use, sex work, addiction, mental health slur, violence

Synopsis: Off a lonely Texas highway, a group of hustlers prey on the desperados who have come for sex, drugs and Mommas special milk. When a murderous cowboy rolls into town, a young trans boys quickly sees an opportunity to feed the physical and emotional hunger that has long been ignored by the neglectful Momma. As the boys begin to fall one-by-one, Penny is caught between the Cowboys lustful rage, and the greed and corruption that Momma represents.

Come Back My Love – Dir. Ralf Bou Chaya (France)

Runtime: 15.33 minutes

CW: sex, nudity

Synopsis: A tortured man is annihilated ever since the disappearance of his loved one. To cope with this intolerable loss, he becomes capable of anything, even the worst. He seeks in others what will fill the absence in his heart in order to recreate a lost love.

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